CHICHINGA  is a painting that addresses the topic of CANIBALISM.

Winston Churchill of Great Britain killed around 3 million Bengali Indians. King Leopold II of Belgium killed around 10 million Congolese Africans. Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria killed around 3 million Biafrans. Christopher Columbus of Italy killed around 5 million native American Indians. Cecil Rhodes of Great Britain killed around 2 million Africans.

Josef Stalin of Russia killed around 25 million Soviet Russians. Pol Pot of Cambodia killed around 10 million Cambodians. Mao Zedong of China killed around 45 million Chinese. Genghis Khan of Mongols killed around 40 million people im the Mongolian Empire. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany caused the death of around 20 million people in World War I. Adolf Hitler of Germany killed around 6 million Jews and caused the death of around 50 million people in World War II.
This is only to mention a few tragedies of human 'canibalism'.  
The history of humanity is filled with carnage. The soils are soaked in human blood. Our water bodies turned more blood than water, and the air we breathe in, is filled with wandering spirits of the dead. When we breathe them into our lungs, they see our insides. They see the core of our character as human beings exposed, uncamouflaged, bare and unguarded. Their faces grim with every thrust of our blood-gorged hearts, and the urgency of their need to remind the living, how frail Societal order is, grows more expedient by the second. 
This is the world we Live in.
''Chichinga'' is the name of a Ghanaian cuisine made from meat. The painting CHICHINGA, is a painting of a dead man holding such meat on a stick in hand. The dead man in this painting is a messenger, his message; the Chichinga in hand. He holds his chichinga in hand, the meat on a stick, as a symbol and a reminder of the horrors he has beheld of this world. The meat he holds in this painting however, is of human flesh. The painting uses the literal sense of the term 'canibalism' to draw a parallel between the concept itself, and the crimes against humanity commited by our fellow humans. Human beings chewing their fellow humans like Chichinga.
World peace, or peace on earth, is the concept of an ideal state of happiness, freedom and peace within and among all people and nations on planet earth. The idea of such a world is beautiful. The threat to achieving this goal however is rooted in the core of human nature. ''Canibalism'' in the context of this painting, is a content of human nature. 
There is to be a conscious dread of how volatile any progress made on world peace is, there is to be a uniform acknowledgement of how liable to regression any progression on world peace is, on account of our human character.  There is to be a common awareness of the fact that, the expression of our  ''canibalistic'' urges as human beings, when not tamed, regulated and controlled, is manifested in the form of horrors, discomfort and destruction of one another and the world we live in.