OLUKAYODE is a painting that addresses the topic of IDENTITY.

The law of Identity states that, each thing is identical with itself; Identity underlies the concept of Self. The law of identity reveals that the real self of an individual, being who the person really is, is qualified by Identity.
An important emblem as which this painting stands for, is that of the idea that, the real self is paramount to all other forms of self, as it is qualified by identity. With Identity being largely a derivitive of the socio-cultural environment one stems from and belongs to; either directly or by connection through ancestral generations, independent of geographical confines. 

To pin point the sub context and directional objective of the individual identity this painting addresses, would be to highlight African Identity.
The entire human race is of a common African origin, of a common African Identity.
The span of about 300 million years has eroded this shared identity and made provisions for new legitimate ones to be formed. In this modern world, it is only Africans and people of the African diaspora who are privelledged to bear this original identity to Africa.
Neo Africanism however, has been and continues to be the demise of this African identity. The two forms of Neo Africanism, as would be described by myself, are the Migrate and Socio Cultural. The migrate, as the name suggests would be defined as the emmigration of Africans from Africa to other parts of the world.
The socio cultural however, is a shift in the cultural and social practices of societies in Africa, without any geographical displacement. The neglect and dilution of Important elements of African Identity is owed to socio cultural neo Africanism.
A wave of European and American pretention sweeps accross Africa. This wave shifts the vital elements of African identity towards the western world. '' Name '' is one of the elements of African identity, shifting with time. 
Name is the most fundamental and everlasting element of identity. The name that one comes to bear after birth is a conerstone of their identity. In several cultures across Africa, a ceremony is held to commemorate the importance of naming the child, confering upon it, its signature of identity. OLUKAYODE is a painting of an African Man. OLUKAYODE is the name of the man. His African name. This is what makes the man in the painting, an African, despite his western features. 
The power of name and its omnipotent authority over identity, is not to be undermined.

This painting addresses this shift in the African identity element of name, as the specific subject matter under the general topic of identity.
To all Africans and those in diaspora, find your name. There is power therein.
My name is Kweku Afram, it is African. Because I am African. I am Ghanaian.
What Is Your Name ?